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A double-blind reviewing process is followed in evaluating the submitted manuscripts. To avoid any unnecessary delays in the publication process, authors are advised to ensure they have considered the following before submitting a paper:

  1. The submitted manuscript is the authors’ original work that has not been published previously and has not been submitted to be published elsewhere.
  2. Authors are responsible for obtaining permission from copyright holders of any material (such as tables, photos, and figures) that they may wish to reprint in their papers.
  3. The manuscript is prepared in MS-Word format.
  4. The first page includes the title, author name(s), affiliations and email addresses as well as the corresponding author’s name and mailing address.
  5. The second page starts with the title of the paper followed by a 150-word abstract and 8-10 keywords.
  6. The article keeps to the word limit (regular papers 3,000-8,000 words, reviews 2,000-4,000 words, short communications 800-2,000 words).
  7. The paper follows the APA style for in-text citations and the list of references.