Blue Flower

Table of Contents

A Comparative Study of Recommendation Letters Issued by Indian and British Authors

Reena Maskara, Ken Lau, Chia-Yen Lin pdf icon
2 Can Oral Conferencing Facilitate EFL Postgraduate Student Writing Su-Jen Lai pdf icon
3 Difficulties in Teaching Vocabulary to Elementary Adult Learners of English Lau Mong Thu pdf icon
4 EFL Student Writing as a Social and Multimodal Practice: A Case Study Ming-I Lydia Tseng pdf icon
5 Move Analysis on Argumentative Essay of English for Tourism Nuttaporn Kongpolphrom pdf icon
6 TESOL master’s theses in Vietnam: Relationship between abstracts and introductions Nguyen Thi Thuy Loan & Issra Pramoolsook pdf icon
7 The Use of Internet Resources and Applications for Language Instruction Atikhom Thienthong & Prof. Dr. Andrew Lian pdf icon
8 Young Adults’ Identity Construction in Digital Literacy Chen, S.Y.Ruby pdf icon

Book Review

9 Practical Language Testing by Glenn Fulcher Suthatip Thirakunkovit pdf icon

Conference Report

10 Power to Connect in a Changing World: International Conference on Language, Literature and Translation Zahra Awad pdf icon

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